Classic Jessner 14% (42%) 100ml or 50ml solution Resorcinol, Salicylic, Lactic acid Peeling


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Classic Jessner 14% (42%) 100ml or 50ml solution

Peeling solution, which contains a complex of active ingredients: lactic acid (14%), salicylic acid (14%), resorcinol (14%) and Ethanol (ethyl alcohol). This substance is used for professional surface peeling. It is completely safe. Perfect for combination to oily skin. Physical and chemical characteristics of peeling: Jessner peeling is a liquid substance that acts gently on the skin and does not damage it. This substance increases the activity of enzymes, accelerates mitosis, contributes to the normalization of keratinization and an even distribution of melanin. It also has a strong anti-aging effect. Jessner peeling application: Jessner peeling is used in professional cosmetology. Its advantage is that it can be applied in one layer or in several. When applied in one layer, the product will have a weak effect, but when applied in 2-3 layers, the effect will be comparable to the middle peeling. After using this peeling, the skin is rejuvenated, cleansed and healthier. At the same time, it takes very little time to restore it, which is an important advantage. Each component that is in the composition of this substance is absolutely safe for the skin. After using the peel, no allergic reactions occur and no side effects develop. Already in the first hours after the procedure, the results are noticeable. Useful properties of Jessner peeling in cosmetology: Strengthens microcirculation; Rejuvenates the skin; Stimulates collagen synthesis; Softens and moisturizes the skin; Cleans pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands; Eliminates inflammatory processes. Application of Jessner peeling in cosmetics: Jessner peeling is a complete tool for a professional peeling procedure How to use Jessner peeling, instructions: Jessner Peeling is an excellent professional remedy. It can be used at home. There are three stages: The first stage is skin cleansing and metabolic stimulation. To do this, apply a thin layer of peeling to the skin. The second stage is getting rid of wrinkles and eliminating the first signs of aging. The peeling is applied in two layers, with an interval of 5 minutes. The third stage is the removal of serious problems: wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, etc. The product is applied in 3-4 layers, at intervals of 5 minutes.
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